Academic Vocabulary in Context – Pay

paid on time — are viewed as overpaid — are you underpaid — pays the bills — the party receiving the payment — reasonably well-paid — was paid off — will be required to pay more — low-paid menial workers — monthly online payments — how much they pay — accounts payable personnel — get paid late — pay award rates — the party making a payment

There are eleven questions, but there are fifteen answers. Some questions have space for two answers.

1. …….. from overseas will be shipped into the country to meet the demand for cheap labour. It will be a win-win situation.

2. How much do they pay? Do you know …….. ?

3. A variety of security measures are in place to prevent …….. from embezzling funds. They are the ones who handle all the money so they have the opportunity to steal.

4. Are you always …….. or do you sometimes ……..?

5. Does your employer ……….. or ……….. according to the national recommended wage plan?

6. I would like to …….. to an account in Thailand. Is it possible to set it up so that the money goes through automatically each month?

7. A lot of workers in Australia ……….. according to the managers of the corporations and the businesses who employ them, whereas the trade union movement takes the view that workers are worth more than their market value and there is a human dimension to the question of the value of labour, which transcends the necessity of allowing, as far as possible, the market system to function. Workers are human beings, and this must go to the foundation of our discussion.

8. The journalists were not supposed to be filming in the port facility but the security guard …….. and so, having been let in, and by means of a hidden camera, they were able to get a lot of useful footage which showed the realities of the disposal of electronic waste from Europe.

9. Working as an accountant is boring sometimes but it …….. and we all have to find a way to get by so I am pleased that it is ………

10. A Senate hearing has been told that hundreds of thousands of people …….. to see a doctor if new Government medical fee increases are introduced.

11. In law, the payer is …….. while the payee is ………

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