Academic Vocabulary in Context – Proceed

they will process the visa application — a few procedures we have to go through — processes their applications — a lengthy and costly process — they are sent to Japan and processed there — there are usually processing fees — for his application to be processed — an offshore processing centre — the process could be speeded up — the lengthy process of cleaning up — the water receded quite quickly — the procedural requirements for a dismissal — and sometimes surgical procedures — the Handbook of Legislative Council Procedures — proceeded to his place of work — they still did not concede defeat — to intercede for him — reluctant to accede to his request — with a receding hairline — The visa application process — proceed to customs and immigration — then I got a word-processor

1. Please take your passport and boarding pass and …….. as quickly as possible as the airport is very crowded and there could be a delay in getting through.

2. There are …….. before we can sign a contract but they will not take very long. Everything is quite straightforward.

3. I used to have an old-fashioned manual typewriter ……. and now I just use a laptop, though I do an awful lot of things on my phone too. The technology of writing has changed a lot in our lifetimes. We have seen the digital revolution taking place right before our own eyes.

4. If you put your passport in at the embassy early in the morning, …….. immediately and you can pick up your passport that afternoon.

5. The government houses asylum seekers in …….. while it …….. for refugee status. Unfortunately this is a lengthy and costly process, which impacts negatively on the mental health of the people who are interned.

6. When you pay by credit card …….. but when these fees become exorbitant, it is time to re-assess the culture of the financial institutions which underpin our economic and social system.

7. On the night of the alleged offence the defendant left his home early in the evening and …….. where it is alleged that he unlawfully entered the premises and copied the contents of a computer database.

8. The documents have to be submitted at an embassy outside Japan then …….. and then sent back to the place where they were submitted and the applicant can pick them up.

9. A tall man …….. walked over to the visa application desk and lodged an application then he sat back and waited …….. .

10. After the tsunami hit the coastal towns, …….. and then began …….. the damage and finding the bodies of the casualties.

11. …….. was taking a really long time so he asked his local member of parliament …….. and make representations to the Department of Immigration so ……… The Minister was …….. as he was wary of being accused of granting special favours.

12. Although we traditionally view people as either male or female, some people are born with two sets of genitals (genitalia) and they are referred to as “hermaphrodites”. Transgender individuals are people who identify with one gender, but wish to have gender re-assignment by means of hormone injections, …….. , so they can live life as a member of the opposite sex

13. The Legislative Council distinguishes between a dismissal for a just cause and a dismissal for an unauthorized cause. …….. for just cause are clearly set out in …….. .

14. After half of the voters had been counted the ruling party had forty per cent of the vote so it was obvious that only a huge swing in favour of the opposition would bring them into power but …….. until the votes from the outlying areas came in as they knew they would do better in the rural areas.

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