Academic Vocabulary in Context – Proper

improper suggestions — the proper equipment — proper thing to do — use of improper language — a proprietary company — right to private property — a list of properties — the world of property development — behave in the proper fashion — Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd) — Unlimited Proprietary (Pty) — property is theft — properties for sale — property should be redistributed fairly — has no proprietorial — attitude to land and private property — the ownership of private property

1. According to Australian law ….. is defined as ….. or …… In the former the number of shareholders is limited and so is the liability for company debt in the event of bankruptcy, while in the latter the liability for debt is not limited.

2. The … is a fundamental western freedom, but it has not at all times been recognized and some say that ……. or at least that ……. because the gap between the rich and the poor is simply too big.

3. Many indigenous people believe that “we do not own the land”, rather “the land owns us” so it is not surprising that their ….. is at odds with traditional western capitalist views on the ……

4. The real estate agent took out …… for rent and another list of ….. and he gave the first list to me and the other one to my father-in-law.

5. This is ……. and trespassers will be prosecuted, so I would advise you to go back the way you came.

6. He ……. over the house or land so I would not worry about him turning up out of the blue and making demands. Just call the police, if he does.

7. The ……. would be to notify the owner and make an appointment to visit, rather than barging in and doing as you please.

8. The ….. is not illegal but it affects the way people behave towards one and it is advisable, if possible, to try to ….. and not upset anybody or put anybody out in any way.

9. I don’t have …… so I shall not be going horse riding although I would dearly love to accompany you if it were possible.

10. It is difficult to get started in …… if you do not have some capital to invest however it is not impossible and if you are willing to take a risk, you can gamble just like everybody else.

11. He made … and so I asked him to leave and then he became violent so I called security and they handed the matter on to the police. I have not seen nor heard from him since then.

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