Academic Vocabulary in Context – Provide

provided for his family — including telecommunications service providers — storage service providers (SSPs) — the term service provider — intending to change education provider —
Providing he is able to pay his own way — Internet Service Provider — to be a good provider — A service provider (SP) is a company — how to store their provisions — the provision of affordable public transport — provided that — patient–provider race-concordance — A proviso is a condition or provision — to provide food, clothing and shelter — the new education provider — will be provided

1. There will be an excursion with a hike in the forest and then a picnic by the lake. Food and other refreshments ….. , but alcohol is not allowed.

2. It is OK to borrow money ….. you pay it back.

3. To understand if ….. is associated with improved health outcomes for minorities, studies were undertaken to ascertain what the situation was and there is inconclusive but convincing evidence to support the assertion that patient–provider race-concordance is associated with positive health outcomes for minorities. The importance of community cannot be overstated.

4. If you are not able ….. then you are not ready to start a family.

5. It is the responsibility of the government ….. and also health and education, for all the members of its population, or at least to allow them the freedom and opportunity to seek those things. How much should the government intervene in the life of the community?

6. ….. which is inserted in a legal document such as a will or a contract and the operation of the contract or will generally depends on that proviso, for example: “Should he not outlive his mother, all of his property and personal effects are bequeathed to her.”

7. He worked hard all his life and ….. but when it came time to collect his pension, the law changed and he was not eligible, which left him out on a limb so as far his finances went.

8. In this article you will read advice from a trapper who lives in Alaska and is worried that newcomers to the region will not know ….. high and dry where they are safe from animals and from the effect of the weather.

9. Without ….. , the area will never become developed because people are not easily able to travel to their places of employment and there is a shortage of housing.

10. Dial-up Internet access uses a modem and a phone call placed over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to connect to a pool of modems operated by an ISP.(….. )

11. ….. that provides organizations with consulting, legal, real estate, education, communications, storage, processing, and many other services. Although ….. can refer to organizational sub-units, it is more generally used to refer to third party or outsourced suppliers, ….. (TSPs), application service providers (ASPs), ….. , and Internet service providers (ISPs)

12. If you are ….. , you should contact your current education provider for information. In most circumstances ….. will be restricted from enrolling you if you have not completed six months of the main course of study for which your visa was granted.

13. ….., any person is entitled to enter or leave the Kingdom at will but it is necessary to prove that one has the necessary resources by showing a bank statement or other proof of income in order to obtain the right of entry and exit at will.

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