The Bicycle is the Greatest Invention

There are many types of bicycles:

mountain bike – racing bike – electric bicycle – children’s bicycle – girl’s bike – penny farthing

Bicycles are a quiet, clean means of transport and give exercise to the rider. If everybody rode bicycles, there would be less pollution and people would be healthier.

Listen to this song about a bicycle (pushbike):

Past Continuous and Past Simple

I was riding along on my pushbike, Honey, when I noticed you.

You looked so pretty as you were riding along.

You looked so pretty as you were singing this song.

Well I pushed my feet and I started catching up but you were pedaling harder too.

Link to notes on past continuous tense


Down up – pedal – down up down

Expressing Necessity

I have got to get across to the other side of town before the sun goes down.

Present Continuous Tense

We are riding along on a bicycle that was built for two.

I am looking at my honey in the rear-view mirror and now I have got a better view.

Link to Notes on present continuous tense

A Different Version

Link to a different version of the song without lyrics. Listen and see how much you can understand:

The Pushbike Song with Historic Film of Melbourne

The Parts of a Bicycle

Let’s look at the parts of a bicycle:

the handlebars – you grip them with your hands

the wheels – they carry the bicycle along

the front wheel and the back wheel – they have hubs, spokes, rims and tyres with tubes.

the pedals – they are used to pedal the bike and move it along on its wheels

the gears – they are used to move the chain to a different cog

The Bicycle or the Car

Do you agree that the bicycle is the best invention in the history of the world or do you prefer the car?

Link to a lesson about cars:

I am in love with my car

Link to the Water Car Audio

Did you learn to ride a bicycle at school?

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