Vocabulary – Food, Clothing and Shelter

Everybody agrees that it is important to study vocabulary but there are many ways to do that. One way is to look at basics like food, clothing and shelter. Here are some links to lessons about these basic topics:

Click the links to read the lessons:

Morning – Food

The Shoes Page

The Clothing Page

A Story about a Little Girl and a Pair of Shoes – Phrases

Notes on Shoes

An Interactive Story about a Pair of Red Shoes

Food and Shit – The Food Security Page

Vocabulary – A description of cooking – grammar notes

Talking about Cooking

The Cooking Page – World English Course

The Story of a Man and his Attempt to Find Shelter

Part One – The House


There are twelve links above. Can you put them into three categories – food, clothing, shelter?

Have you tried this interactive story? Here is the full text: The Big Dream

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