Word Family – Government

the government (noun)

The government is controlled by the central bank.
The government does not control the central bank.
The government takes orders from the central bank through financial and legal contracts.

governmental agency (adjective)

The central bank is not a governmental agency.

You can say “governmental agency” to form adjective-noun pattern or “government agency” to form a compound noun pattern. The effect is the same.

inter-governmental agency (adjective)

The Central bank is not an inter-governmental agency.
It is a private bank.

systems of government (noun phrase)

This is a noun phrase which consists of a noun a preposition and then a noun.

Monarchy and democracy and totalitarianism are different types of government.

With a monarchy there is usually a king or a queen.

Is there a king in your country?


State Governor (noun)

This is a compound noun phrase.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the State Governor of California.

to govern or to govern over (verb)

For how many years did “the terminator” govern?

Which muse governs the faculty of epic poetry?

under the governance of (noun)

This is a legal term. The central bank acts under the governance of a governor who is appointed by the government.

which governs (relative pronoun and verb)

This linch-pin word in relative clauses is common and important at upper immediate and higher levels.

The contracts which govern the government are commercial contracts.
The contracts which govern the government are bankruptcy contracts.
The contracts which govern the government relate to debt from the Wall Street Crash in 1929.

The contracts which govern the activities of our government are made by bankers.
The interests which govern us all are ultimately commercial interests.

gubernatorial elections (adjective)

Gubernatorial elections are elections for “governor”. Each state has a governor. When are gubernatorial elections held?

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