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Wikipedia has a nice definition of “politics”.

“Social relations involving authority or power and the methods and tactics used to formulate and apply policy.”

Politics is “a system of social relations” and it is also “an inventory of methods and tactics”.

At university people study “politics” or “political philosophy” or “political science” or “government” and the words develop localized and specific contextual meanings.

a corrupt politician (noun)

A “politician” is a member of “congress” or “one of the houses of parliament”. He is an elected official.

A corrupt politician is a politician who takes bribes or favours or belongs to a secret organisation which subverts the intentions of the parliament (or congress).

The parliament represents the people. A corrupt politician subverts the wishes of the people by subverting the wishes of the parliament.

Businessmen and politicians subvert the will of the people. Giant corporations subvert the will of the people.

But the will of the people will triumph!

Do you know any corrupt politicians?

Do you know the businessmen who bribe them?

The Will of the People will triumph

“Will” is a noun in “the will of the people” but it is a verb in “it will triumph” or “the will of the people will triumph”.

Be aware of the two functions of this word as a noun and as a verb and be aware that many words can be both a noun and a verb.

political uncertainty (adjective)

“Political” is an adjective in this noun phrase.

“Many countries are beset by political uncertainty.”

a political scandal (adjective)

a political scandal is an embarrassing story about a politician or political affairs.

a police officer (compound noun)

A police officer is an officer who works for a commercial police force. He does not work for the people. He works for a commercial entity.

a policeman (compound noun)

A policeman is a man who has sworn to uphold the law.

a policewoman (compound noun)

A police woman is a woman who has sworn to uphold the law.

Common Collocations

office politics (noun phrase)

This means “office gossip”.

“They are just talking office politics.”


“manoeuvring for power or harmony in a highly localised environment.”

local politics (adjective plus noun)

Politics in a local area.

federal politics (noun phrase)

The politics of a federal nation.

State politics (noun phrase)

The politics of the state.

National Politics (noun phrase)

The politics of one country.

international politics (adjective plus noun)

The politics of the world.

The political system in Universal City

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