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My name is Peter. I am from Slovakia. I am a fruit picker. It is seasonal work and it is very hard. Most people do it for three months. I have been doing it for three years. I travel everywhere. I follow the work. I do not save any money. Every night I drink with the other workers. They are usually young travelers like me. It is a great life but I cannot do it forever. What will I do next? I don’t know. I learned to speak English by talking to the other fruit pickers at night. You meet people from all over the world in this job. It is very interesting and it is nice to work outside.

What exactly do you do at work?
What is the title of your position?
Do you earn a reasonable salary?
How are you paid?
Do you like your job?
How long have you had your job?
Are you looking for a new job?
Is there much unemployment in your area?
What is the labour market like?

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Family Income

How much is he paid?
How much is she paid?
How are they paid?

How much does he get paid?
How much does she get paid?
How much do they get paid?

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