Asking for Directions in a Street

Asking about the Location of a Building

Asking about the Location of a Shop

Asking Somebody’s Name

Asking Someone for Coffee

Complimenting Somebody

Finding out Somebody’s Name

Giving Somebody a Compliment

Inviting Somebody for Coffee

Making a Compliment

Meeting a Stranger

Meeting an Acquaintance by Chance

Ordering in a Restaurant

Applying for a Job

Asking for Directions in a Building
Interviewing Somebody

Checking in to a Hotel

Buying Something in a Store

Asking for Directions

Giving directions

Describing the location of an Object

Describing a Place

Making an Appointment

Making an Agreement

Expressing Agreement

Expressing Disagreement

Talking about Somebody

Talking about Another Person

Talking about a Third Person

Talking about Yourself

Describing People