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Verbs and verbal phrases look like this:

am going
was going
would go
will see
weren’t listening
have applied
was rejected
weren’t bothered
persevered and succeeded

You can find links to activities with these types of phrases here:

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A Process or an Action

A Verb is a process or an action.

There is the process of making glass.

sand is mined
glass is blown
glasses are manufactured

and then the related processes of growing grapes and making wine:

vines are planted
vines grow
vines fruit
fruit is picked
fruit is crushed
fruit is drained
juice is fermented

From a certain point of view everything can be seen as a process.

Even the bottle of wine or grape juice that you hold in your hand is as ephemeral as the hand itself. It is like a dream that is here for a moment and then it is gone. Or is it? That is the question. (Link to the Hamlet Page)

The Primacy of the Verb

Lots of people will argue that verbs are not important and that nouns are more significant but people who take that line do not understand the breadth of the argument. The verb is obviously the place to start because it is the word of action and all things are actions or part of action. All objects are illusions and even some actions seem like illusions. To start with nouns would be starting at the other end of the problem.

I have started at the fiery or active or spiritual or ephemeral end of the problem.


Verbs are Actions.

The grains of sand on a beach are mined and melted to glass.
A wine glass is blown.
A wine bottle is manufactured.
It is filled with wine.
A man stands on the remnant of the same beach and drinks the wine.

That same wine was a grape which became wine and went into the body of the man and became the man.

the vine
the fruit
the wine
the body of the man

The man was a baby then a youth, a man and an old man, a corpse…

the baby
the youth
the old man
the dead man (the corpse)

……….. and it is all a spark of radiant consciousness like a sun radiating out waves of reality.

A Verb describes a Process.

All objects are ultimately part of actions and processes just as atoms are just spin. Sub-atomic particles do not exist as objects at a certain scale. If you get small enough everything breaks up. If you get big enough, everything congeals to be part of a larger whole.

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