Hiromi’s Trip to Thailand – An English Speaking Course


Episode One – Making a Phone Call – Where are you and what are you doing?


Episode Two – At the Cafe – What are you drinking?


Episode Three – Having a Cup of Coffee – Where are you going to go?


Episode Four – On the Plane – Where are you from?


Episode Five – At Immigration – Could I have your passport, please?


Episode Six – At Customs – Are these your bags?


Episode Seven – Meeting Another Traveler – Do you want to share a taxi?


Episode Eight – Getting out of the Airport – The bus stop is at the front of the airport.


Episode Nine – Checking the Price – It’s cheaper to take the bus.

Khao Sarn Road

Episode Ten – Finding a Taxi – We want to go to KhaoSarn Road


Episode Eleven – In the Taxi – Do you know any good hotels?


To be continued …

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    This is such a great approach to teaching English. I am captivated by it. I help a few ladies who want to learn English, and this is a perfect tool to use or mimic.

    Please, by all means, keep the story going. It is fantastic

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    Nice way to practice our conversation and improving our words but I can not download the MP3 of the conversation. how can I do that?
    thank you

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    My students loved the story. They want more…

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    I am a teacher of Martial Arts, and some times I find myself in some situations in which I suffer for not to be able to speak good English as natives, that makes me a little angry. But now I think that this website is very very useful to me, I will do much progress and my English will be improved and my communicating means will be made better.. would you please help me to reach my aim ? Thank you very much.

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    I like the story the best thing of it , it come from real life and I learned very much .toward the Thailand I hope to visit it one day

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    Yes, i found it helpful. Next summer ì’ll go to Greece and this lesson is precious for me.. bye

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    I like the story the best thing of it , it come from real life and I learned very much .toward the Thailand I hope to visit it one day

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    I am an instructor in a college, but fell a little bit shy in speaking and listening English. I face difficulty in clearly listening especially when come in-contact with native speakers. would you please help me how I can improve listening skill in English?

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    Interesting! It’s not hard. Good to practice and to improve listening!
    Thanks. We’re waiting to look forward.

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    I liked the story very much ! I used it in my English lesson with my student and she liked it too. 🙂 We’re waiting for the next episodes. Thank you!

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    well, how can you ,mr. driver, see the road behind you with this writing on the front miror,and also the road in front of you with these necklaces store you are hanging?!!

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    Good conversations! and i like it.

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    I dont think an English conversation with Japanese accent is such a good idea. Anyway I like the contents of these conversations.

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    I’m really enjoyed with this story, and I like continue learn in this type

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    Muchas gracias por las historias muy interesantes… 😉

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    very good dialogues. thank you for your kind. i need to improve my speaking and listening skills. i find it’s neccessary for the communication.

  39. That is really fanastic episode that describes or explain,how to talk to the people with civilised or mannnered way .And they will ofcourse help to u.

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    Great epeisods .. you are really amazing

    keep up the wonderful work

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  45. Jo says:

    Great site. How can we record the dialogues onto mp3? You mentioned an Ipod symbol at the start of each conversation, but I don’t see it. Thanks for your great work and help!

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    I love your web. I’m going to have an oral exam (pre-intermediate) this friday, now i have some dialogues for practices. Thanks a lot!

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    yes english is very useful i have a ideia go to aussi bcaus my childrens are there but my english is very weak i am triying to learn my self

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    yes iam muslim i like to learn english

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    oh!i think it’s really interesting,the sound like good and it easy to understand.but also need more conversation.thank you so much.

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    very good!sent to I new sounds,please!thanks you.

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    This typed of lesson very useful for me as i weak in English. But i am unable to understand how to attend the class regularly. Please give me instruction detail in my email how to lear properly from your class/lesson.

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    ok, as i saw you talking about the third world people, i,m one of them and let me tell you something about this conversation, it is good but we need to get some more advances conversations in order to get fast. english so much important than other laguages because you hear every person talking it.

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    • maro abonnaga says:

      well Fidel, it is good to share in this article ,but why are u speaking about GOD and JESUS? This is not the suitable situation i think, you know , i am also christian just like you ,but i prefere to be objective not subjective.
      Finaly. may GOD bless your way!!

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    I copied down all the ten dialogues I like listening to them!

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    I like this lessons this lessons very useful and super good.

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    I love this conversations which gave me some tips to learn on how to speak
    real English with somebody as the situation appeared in our daily life.


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    I like reading this interesing story to its very end. Is there a continuation of this story? Where can I get it?

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    I’m Ali.I like speaking English.I’m looking forward to hearing you.

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