Hiromi’s Trip to Thailand – An English Speaking Course


Episode One – Making a Phone Call – Where are you and what are you doing?


Episode Two – At the Cafe – What are you drinking?


Episode Three – Having a Cup of Coffee – Where are you going to go?


Episode Four – On the Plane – Where are you from?


Episode Five – At Immigration – Could I have your passport, please?


Episode Six – At Customs – Are these your bags?


Episode Seven – Meeting Another Traveler – Do you want to share a taxi?


Episode Eight – Getting out of the Airport – The bus stop is at the front of the airport.


Episode Nine – Checking the Price – It’s cheaper to take the bus.

Khao Sarn Road

Episode Ten – Finding a Taxi – We want to go to KhaoSarn Road


Episode Eleven – In the Taxi – Do you know any good hotels?

To be continued …

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