How did we get here?

What is your religion?
Do you have a religion?
Where are we all from?
How did we get here?
Do you have an answer to these questions?
Write your opinion in English.

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  1. zhaklin951 says:

    What is your religion?
    I am Kazakh. Our nation belongs to muslim religion.
    Do you have a religion?
    Do you mean practising a religion by this question? If so,I wouldn’t say I do. Though a lot of people now got religion. I also tend to believe there is God. I’d better think there is a Common Kindness and Awareness related to all of us. It would be great to know that we are all loved by God. Even though different people refer to different religions I would approve of tolerating all relgions because I am sure there is the same idea behind each of them.
    How did we get here?
    We got here due to the Super Will. And I think each of us came up to enjoy this life equally. There mustn’t be any differentiation according to race.

  2. zahra aided says:

    my religion is slam
    yeh i have the best religion in the world

    we come here because Allah created us with stand

  3. rmforever9 says:


    Firstly thank God i am Muslim, grew up in a religious environment knowing that there is only one God ( Allah) believing everything was mentioned in the Holly Quran,which states that all human beings were made out of sand, for the first parents in the world Adam AND Eve.


  4. Mahmoud says:

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  5. Anwar says:

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  6. whitedream says:

    What is your religion?
    well, i’m muslim
    Do you have a religion?
    yes, thank Gad
    How did we get here?
    u mean how or how create us
    Allah who create us from stone

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