IELTS stands for “International English Language Testing System”. It is the most commonly used test of English proficiency (ability) which is used by the British government, the Australian government and the New Zealand government. It is also widely recognized in Canada and the United States of America.

The IELTS test has four sections. They are Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Many students have to do an IELTS test before they can work or study in another country. To prepare for the IELTS test they look for an IELTS teacher and do special IELTS courses.

It is possible to improve your IELTS score by learning exam techniques. You can learn these in a couple of days. The only way to really get a high score in the test is to be good at English.

How can you be good at English? How can you improve your English? How can you be better at English? You can do it by studying English. IELTS English is not different from normal English. You have to understand the grammar. You have to expand your vocabulary. You have to speak clearly and concisely. You have to be able to read and understand. You have to be able to listen and understand.

The best way to improve is by doing. The best way to improve your English is by using it. The best way to get better at doing something is by doing it. The best way to get abetter at using English is by using it. That means you have to use English. That means you have to learn all the words that you need.

Read and develop your vocabulary. Learn new words and new ideas. Listen to You-tube videos and songs with transcripts. Be aware of grammatical variation and grammatical possibilities. Become familiar with the normal way to say things. Get used to the normal way of saying things.

IELTS Writing Practice


Be Aware

is a free English course that will improve your grammar and listening and speaking and writing.

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  1. Hello , bài g?n gàng. Có m?t v?n ?? cùng v?i b?n website trong web thám hi?m,
    có th? th? nghi?m này? IE v?n dù sao
    là th? tr??ng lãnh ??o và t?t thành ph?n folks nh?
    tuy?t v?i vì v?n ?? này.


  3. hi
    my name is sultan and i live in Pakistan Peshawar, i want to said thank very very much. my hobby is to go to United states or Canada

  4. Osama says:

    Hello.My name is Osama.I’m 23 years old.I’m looking forward to improve my English with all its skills listening,speaking,reading and writing.I hope I could make conversation with anyone.My e-mail is ( ).It will be great pleasure for me to speak to anyone.I wish you could add me.

  5. esmail says: name is esmail.can you send me some audio with transcript for preparing for ielts.thank mail is

  6. Mark White says:

    Hi Fahimeh

    We never show anybody’s email address. Have you done the “be aware” course? It will help listening and grammar and practical conversation experience.

    You can find it on the main page of this site. Just click home and you will see it under “courses” or go to the toolbar at the top of the page and select courses. It is a free course.

    After you have done all the seven lessons, come back and tell us.

    You need to start now as IELTS preparation takes time. It is not something you can do overnight.

    Click “home” and click “courses” and click “be aware”

    cheers Mark

  7. fahimeh says:

    first of all I should thank you for being so helpful. I’d like to uprade my ENglish and also prepare for doing IELTS exam ,I need your help please, if it is possible for you hide my E-mail adress please.

  8. agbe says:

    please sent me too free audio files

  9. thakshila liyanage says:

    I would like to sys thank you very very much for take the time to tell us how to improve our english knowledge.Aftar 3 months i’m going to do IELTS me how to get high scour from the exam.I want to do general cours.

    thank you.

  10. fatima says:

    please sent me free audio files

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