Lives of a Man – Link Page

Click the links to read the parts of the story in sequence or in any order. The episodes get more difficult as they go along:

Episodes 1 to 5

The Plain A man lives in a house on a plain.
The Storm: There is a Storm
The Storm’s Destruction The storm destroys the house.
The Mountains The Man goes into the mountains.
The Forest He enters an ancient forest.

Episodes 6 – 10

The Tree He takes shelter under a huge tree.
The Fields He finds fields at the edge of the forest.
The Woman There is a woman.
The Doorway The Woman pauses at the entrance.
The Invitation She invites the man to eat.

Episodes 11 – 15

The Kitchen
The Band of Robbers
The City
The Church and the Prayer
The Feeling of Selfishness
The Road

Episodes 16 – 20

The Soldiers
Life with the Soldiers
The War
The Cave in the Rock
The Bottom of the River

Episodes 21 – 25

The Three Maidens
The Light
The Monastery
The Lotus Flower
The Flower’s Perfume

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