Notes and Ideas – buildings

Word Family

1. build (verb) Is it possible to build a bridge between east and west?

2. build (verb) What are you building?

3.  building (noun) This is a new building.

4. buildings (noun plural) There are a lot of new buildings.

5. build (verb) The storm is building.

6. build (verb) He is building a deck.

7. building (noun singular) Elvis has left the building.

Different Types of Buildings

a house

a shop

an apartment building

a religious building

a mosque

a church

a synagogue

a hindu temple

a  buddhist temple

a restaurant

a mortuary

a hospital

a police station

a supermarket

a store

a warehouse

an art gallery

a museum

a railway station

a bus station

a gas station

a petrol station

a convenience store

a hotel

a bar

a public toilet

a private house

an apartment building

a three-storey building

an old building

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