Past Participle

Present Perfect Tense (simple)

I have been to Italy.

I have seen the Colosseum.

I have walked the streets of Rome.

I have climbed the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I have eaten spaghetti ragu in Bologna.

I have picked wild tomatoes and oregano in Tuscany.

I have slept under the stars in Sardinia.

I have swum in the Mediterranean Sea.

I have not done that.

I have not done any of those things.

I have never traveled.

I have always lived here.

Present Perfect Tense (continuous)

I have been living here for about six months.

I have been staying with a friend.

I have been working at a restaurant in Osaka.

I have been working pretty hard.

I have been having a good time.

I have not been saving any money.

I have been spending every penny I earn.

I have been saving every penny I can.

I have been studying this language since I was a child.

I have been sitting here for about half an hour.

I have been living here for about seven years.

I have only been living here for a couple of months.

How long have you been working here?

I have only been working here since last year.

What have you been doing since I saw you last?

I haven’t been doing anything really.

I have been staying home a lot.

I have been trying to save money.

I have been watching a lot of television.

I have been drinking too much.

I have been getting a lot of exercise.

I have not been going out much.

I have been spending a lot of time with my family.

Present Perfect Tense (passive) – two past participles

He has been arrested.

He has been charged with tax evasion.

He has been thrown in a prison cell.

He has been questioned.

Has he been tortured?

Has he been given access to a lawyer?

Has he been allowed to make a phone call?

Has he been allowed to contact any friends or family members?

I haven’t been permitted to see him.

Past Participle as Adjective

the planned mine

the unemployed workers

the dispossessed indigenous people

the exploited workers

the scheduled train

the advertised product

the captured prisoners

the sunken treasure

the buried treasure

the lost books

the forgotten owners

the injured passenger

the convicted criminal

the stolen money

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