Past Continuous Tense

Here are some examples of Past Continuous Tense :

What was the construction worker doing, when the woman walked in?

He was sitting at the bar.

I was trying to reach you.

You weren’t using the telephone?

Were you using this?

I was reading that.

Where were they living before?

They were living in France.

What were they doing there?

They were teaching.

He was standing on the lawn.

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Look at this conjugation of the verb “to live” in past continuous tense.

I was living

You were living

He was living

It was living

We were living

You (plural) were living

They were living

Link to I was studying Yoga

He was eating sushi.

She was sitting at the bar.

The Story of the Soldiers

Past Continuous and Past Simple

Past Continuous is used for description.
Past Simple is used to move the story (narrative) forward.

Click the link to see examples of Past Continuous and Past Simple in the context of a story: The War

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