Past Simple Tense

Past Simple Tense looks like this:

I went out last night. (go)

I met a couple of friends. (meet)

We had dinner. (have)

We walked along the river. (walk)

We laughed and talked. (laugh) (talk)

We were happy. (to be – are)

We had a good time. (have)


Yes/No Question

Did you go out last night?

Information Questions (WH questions)

Where did you go?

What did you do last night?

Auxiliary Verbs – Helping Verbs – “To Do” and “To Be”

Sometimes past simple tense uses the auxiliary verb “to be” (for example with adjectives) as in “Were they happy?”

Look at this conjugation of the verb “to be” in past simple tense.

I am – I was

You are -You were

He is – He was

It is – It was

She is – She was

We are – We were

You are – You (plural) were

They are – They were

Do not confuse the auxiliary “to be” with the auxiliary“to do” as in this conjugation in the past simple tense:

I do – I did

You do – You did

He does – He did

She does – She did

It does – It did

He do – We did

You do – You (plural) did

They do – They did

Examples of Past Simple Tense

Click the links to find stories in past simple tense:

Past Simple Tense:The House on the Plain

Past Simple Tense with Past Continuous Tense:
A woman with long hair walked into the bar.

Past Simple Tense with Past Perfect Tense:
He had long arms.

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