Power Words – cell

Some words are multi-dimensional. They have several meanings and they are common. if you master them, your ability to understand others and to express yourself will improve greatly.

1. cell phone
2. prison cell
3. cell in biology

1. Cell Phone

Look at this list:

a phone call
a phone
a telephone
a mobile phone
a cell phone
a cell

2. Prison Cell

Have you seen my cell?
Do you know where my cell is?

If you take these phrases out of context, they could refer to a prison cell.

3. A Cell in Biology

A cell is also a cell in biology:

Scientific Vocabulary

the stages of mitosis – the stages of cell division

interphase – inter + phase
prophase – pro + phase
prometaphase – pro + meta + phase
metaphase – meta + phase
anaphase – ana + phase
telophase – telo + phase
cytokinesis – cyto + kinesis

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Vocabulary is the Key

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