Are you wearing shoes?

Shoes. Leather shoes. Plastic shoes. New shoes. Old shoes.No shoes.


Are you barefoot?

Feet. Bare feet. Unshod feet. Feet without shoes.Big feet. Small feet. No feet. Legs.


Do you have two legs?

One foot. Two feet. Two legs. Two arms and two legs.

A Little Girl

Listen to the story of a little girl:

A little girl had two arms and two legs but she had no shoes. She had no shoes. Her feet were bare. She went barefoot. She walked barefoot. She walked barefoot in the street.

The Street

Choose two or three sentences to describe the street:

The street was hot. The street was cold. The street was dirty. The street was busy. The street was old.

The Shop

Look at the shop.

There was a shop on the street. A shoeshop. It was a shoeshop.


Look at the shoes.

The shop sold shoes.
Shoes were sold in the shop.
The shop displayed shoes. There were shoes in the shop window.

The Window

Look in the window.

The window was a glass window. It was a glass window. It was made of glass.

Look at the two ways to describe the same thing:

an opened window – an open window

We do not say “a close window”.

a closed window

Was it one of these?

a window that did not open.
a window that did not close.

The Windows

How many windows are there?

The windows of the shop.
The windows of the shoes shop.
The window of the shop.


a shoe – two shoes – shoes in general – a shoe store

Look at these different ways to say the same thing:

a shoe store
a footwear store
a shop that sold shoes
a footwear retailer


Look at the passive structure:

The windows of the shop were made of glass.

Only 8-years old
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Street Children

The children. The children in the street.

The children in the street had no shoes.
They were not wearing shoes.
They had no sheets on their feet.
They were barefoot. The children in the street were barefoot. They were barefooted.
They went barefoot.

They walked around in bare feet.
They walked around barefoot.

The children played soccer.

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