Vocabulary – Word Family – “austerity”

Austerity is a noun.
Austere is an adjective.
Austerity measures is a plural compound noun.
Austria is a place name.
Australia is a place name.



The Story of the Word

Austerity – Austere – Austria – Australia – Austerity Measures

The word “austere” means, “spartan, stark, simple, pure, shining, bright”. It comes from an old European root word for “rise” or “dawn” or “shine”. It was the verb that described the rising or coming or arriving of the sun.

The direction “east was (and is) the direction in which the sun rises. The eastern direction was said to be austere, pure, shining, bright, simple, unadorned.

Look at the cluster of words:


The cluster of words describes a concept. The parent concept is a word in an old language which is no longer spoken. The surviving words are the children and each has found a different life in different circumstances.

The words as a cluster describe the dawn and the coming of light and the direction and quality of that event or process. The words as cluster describe an ancient idea.

Under the brightness of the sun, the truth is obvious and it is simple and unadorned and after the illusions of night and the moon, the simplicity and purity and truth of daylight reveals the face of the world to all who look to the east.

Directions were given Qualities

Jerusalem was (and is) to the east of Europe.
Jerusalem was (and is) to the east of christian Europe.
Jerusalem was and is to the east of Rome.

East was the direction of Jerusalem.
East was the direction of religion.
East was the direction of purity.

In the middle ages maps became more exact. Before maps had been symbolic and stylised. They became more accurate. The austere direction was actually south. The word “austere” had been used to describe the eastern empire of Austria. Now it was used to describe the fabled southern land of terra australia. When the English Pirates annexed the southern land they called it Terra Australis or Australia.

East became South

“Austere” meant “east” in the beginning but now it meant “south” although the word “east” was still the name of the direction of sunrise.

The word “austere” as an adjective which describes a quality survived. The direction was changed but the quality was not.

The quality of purity and simplicity and the idea of all being revealed by a final reckoning in the light of day under the brightness of the sun when nothing can be hidden is contained in the idea of “austerity. It is a beautiful idea.

Austerity measures are not a beautiful idea. It is theft! Do you know about the austerity measures in Europe?

Passive Voice

Look at the verb phrases:

If a man is naked or simply clothed and simply fed and concentrates on the reality of body and mind, he can be freed from illusion and enlightened as to his true nature. if he is surrounded by sensory stimuli and he is unable to find solitude and direction and understanding in order to meditate and concentrate and see through the illusion of the senses into the nature of ultimate reality, he will be constantly driven from one illusion to the next, never understanding the processes which govern his life, but if a man adopts a pure and simple life and while living this life of austerity and simplicity, free from the illusions and vanities of wealth and other pleasures and desires, he meditates and concentrates, he will eventually become freed from illusion and experience the great joy and bliss and understanding of enlightenment.

What is enlightenment?

Link to advanced video about tax and how the banking system was was hijacked to cause bankruptcy and austerity measures: Aaaron Russo’s video – Freedom to Fascism

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