Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Present Perfect Tense Continuous

He has been standing on the corner for about ten minutes. (And he is still there)

He has been waiting outside for about ten minutes. (And he is still there!)

(Present perfect continuous tense emphasizes the time spent.)

Present Perfect Tense Simple 

He has stood on the corner. (He hasn’t gone inside)

He has waited outside. (He hasn’t waited inside)

(Present perfect simple tense
emphasizes the action itself.)

Present Perfect Continuous in the Context of a Conversation

Listen to these phrases at this link: Kirsten in Tasmania

Where have you been living?
I have been living in New Zealand.

Grammar in Context

This interactive story: Banjo Player’s Brother teaches:

present perfect continuous

present perfect passive

present perfect simple

passive voice

in context.

Have you seen it? Check it out at this link: Banjo Player’s Brother

An Example in a real Conversation

The police have been raiding it.

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