Present Continuous Tense

Here are some examples of Present Continuous Tense.

I am sitting in front of a computer.

I am working on a new picture.

I am looking at a computer screen.

I am wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

What are you wearing?

Are you listening to me?

It is getting late.

I am feeling tired.

I am logging off now.

Conjugation of verb “to sit” in present continuous tense

I am sitting

You are sitting.

He is sitting.

She is sitting.

We are sitting.

You (plural) are sitting.

They are sitting.

Do not confuse Present Continuous Tense (I am sitting) with Present Simple Tense (I sit).

Look at the conjugation of the verb “to sit” in present simple tense.

I sit

You sit.

He sits.

She sits.

It sits.

We sit.

You (plural) sit.

They sit.

Present Continuous tense in a Real Conversation – 1

Listen for these phrases in a real conversation at this link: 1. Meditation and Addiction


I am studying.
Are you studying?
I am doing research.
They are teaching
They are finding

Link to the transcript

Present Continuous tense in a Real Conversation – 2

2. Copenhagen is in Denmark.

Which phrase did you hear?


they are sitting by the lake – they are not sitting by the lake

they are going hard against them – they are being easy on them

it is fading away – it is not fading away

they are fighting it – they are not fighting it

Link to the transcript

Talking about Food and Cooking

Link to the conversation: Miyako part 24

What is happening?
I am cooking.

What are you making?

Link to Food Page

Link to a discussion of the meaning of the word “present”.

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