Present Simple Tense Questions for Miyako Part 3

Use these questions with this conversation. (click the link)

Is Yumie pretty?

Does John like her?

Is she intelligent?

Is she Miyako’s best friend?

Who is Miyako’s best friend?

Where is he?

Is he American?

What is his name?

Is he a nice guy?

Note that some of these questions use the “be” verb auxiliary verb and one of them uses the “do” auxiliary.

Conjugation of the verb “to be”, which is used as an auxiliary verb or “helping” verb.

I am

You are

He is

She is

It is

We are

You (plural) are

They are

Conjugation of the verb “to do”, which is used as an auxiliary verb in present simple tense.

I do

You do

he does

She does

It does

We do

You (plural) do

They do