Yes/No Questions

You can make Yes/No questions like this:

Be verb plus adjective
Is she Japanese?
No, she is not.

There is one question like this in this conversation. Write it out.

Be verb plus noun
Are you a teacher?
Yes, I am.

There is one question like this in this conversation. Find the question.

There is one “be” verb plus noun yes/no question in this conversation. Find it and write it out.

There is/are
Is there any milk in the fridge?
No, there is not.
Are there any apples?
yes, there are.

Present Simple Tense
Do you speak English?
Yes, I do.

Does he have a car?
No, he does not.

There is a yes/no present simple tense in this conversation but the answer is not “yes”. It is “ok”. Can you find the question?

There are two yes/no questions in present simple tense in this conversation. Can you find them? Be careful. An “or” question is not the same as a yes/no question.

Present Continuous Tense
Are you listening to me?
Yes, I am.
Is she listening?
No, she is not.

This conversation has two questions like this. Can you find them and write them out?

Present Perfect Tense
Have you been to China?
Yes, I have.
Has she?
No, she has not.

“would” Conditionals
Would you work in Baghdad?
No, I would not.
Would he work there?
Yes, he would.

Future “going to” Tense
Are you going to go home soon?
Yes, I am.
Is she going to go with you?
No, she is not. She is gong to stay here.

Future “will” Tense
Will you open the lend me some money?
No, I will not.

Past Simple Tense
Did you watch TV last night?
No, I did not.
Did they?
Yes, they did.

Past Continuous Tense
Were you living in Thailand last year?
No I was not?
Was he living there?
Yes, he was.

Past Perfect Tense
Had you already eaten, when she called?
Yes, I had.

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