The Eye in the Air – Chapter One – Teacher’s Notes

In this episode Joanne Archer talks to her lover, Steven Morely about her son Teleos Archer and they refer to Rev nev, the mysterious religious figure in the Utopian Republic of Australia.


What do you think the acronym MD stands for?

It stands for “mobile device”.

In the future people’s lives are dominated by their mobile devices. Is your life already dominated by your mobile phone or another mobile device?

What does FEZ stand for?

It stands for Free Economic Zone. Is there a free economic zone in your country? Are there free trade agreements? Do you believe in free trade or protectionsim or some combination of the two?

What does LMEW stand for?

It stands for “Last Middle Eastern War”.

Where is the Middle east?

What does UROA stand for?

It stands for Utopian Republic of Australia.

Is Australia a republic now?

References to The Odyssey

The Odyssey is a classic Greek story by Homer about how the hero Odysseus returned from the battle at Troy after twenty years. “The Eye in the Air” parallels the plot of the Odyssey. In the first part of the Odyssey the son of Odysseus, Telemachus, misses his father while his wife Penelope waits for him. In “the Eye in the Air” Telemachus is represented by Teleos, and Odysseus is represented by Otis Archer, and Penelope is represented by Joanne Archer.

Otis Archer – Odysseus
Joanne Archer – Penelope
Teleos Archer – Telemachus

Have you read the Odyssey?
Have you seen the interactive story: The Odyssey?

Surveillance Gas

Cellcams and molcams are tiny cameras that float in the air. They can be sprayed like a gas. The cameras can be used to record access audio-visual information and that information can be accessed on a computer. The information is displayed in three categories which are called Halliday co-ordinates after the great British linguist M.A.K. Halliday.

Textual – a text readout of conversation
Interpersonal – an analysis of interpersonal relations including information on body temperature and pulse rates
Ideational – an analysis of the thoughts and ideas behind the words – a map of the language user’s brain or mental perspective

The theme of the novel Eye in the Air is surveillance. People can be watched, listened to and analysed at any time. This is made possible by the technology – cellcam. What do you think of this technology? Write your opinion in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

List of Characters

Joanne Archer – The mother of Teleos, Morely’s lover
Otis Archer – The father of Teleos
Teleos Archer – The son of Otis and Joanne
Steven Moreley – the lover of Joanne and surrogate father or father figure to Teleos while his biological father is absent.
Rev Nev – a religious figure

The story portrays a modern family. It is not an extended family or a nuclear family. It is a blended family.

Read more about families at this link : The Family

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