The Eye in the Air – Introduction

After the last Middle Eastern War (LMEW) left a smoking hole from Damascus to Baghdad and halfway to Tehran, the Utopian Republic of Australia (UROA) became the most liveable place on earth by virtue of its distance from the Radiation Zones (RZ). The UROA post war government created independent Utopian Republics (UR) in the cities and a Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in the rest of the country.

In the Utopian Republics people were under constant surveillance by miniature cameras, which floated in the air (cellcams) and they spoke a strange new version of English called Ieltsian, which was filled with acronyms. In the FEZ surveillance was not allowed and society was unregulated.

Otis Archer lived in the FEZ. His ex-wife, Joanne, and his son, Teleos lived in the Utopian Republic of West City. Teleos wanted to meet his father, but in a world without surveillance, he was not so easy to find.

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