Steve from Brooklyn – Lesson Plans

Here are some lesson plans for the Real Conversation “Steve from Brooklyn

Low Level (at this very low level they can underline words that they know as they listen because most of it they will miss)
then try:

What is his name?
Is his name Steve?
Is his name Mark?
What are their names?

Low Intermediate

How many speakers (people) are there?
What is the name of the first speaker?
What is the name of the other speaker?
Where is he from?
Where is Brooklyn?
Where is New York?
What is Long Island?
Where is Long Island?

For more comprehension questions at this level follow this link.

Upper Intermediate

What was the name of the first speaker
What was the name of the other one?
Where was he from?
What did he say about Manhattan?
Did he ask any questions?
Has he been to Long Island?

Upper to Advanced

What was the name of the person who was asking the questions?
What was the name of the person who was answering them?
What were they talking about?
What was the origin of the confusion about Long Island.
What is the relationship between the places mentioned in the conversation?

Internet Project (upper levels)

Use Wikipedia to clear up the confusion about Long Island and to explain the situation. Give a short presentation to a group showing the location of the places mentioned and explaining what they are and their relationship to each other. Use a visual aid if you can.

Follow-up Activity

Do the same for another geographical area. Try South-east Asia. Show where the independent countries are and explain the colonial past. Use Visual aids. (use these words as clues British Empire, French Indo-China, Dutch East Indies, Spanish colony, independent kingdom.)