The Lives of a Man – Life with the Soldiers

The man joined the soldiers.
He crossed the mountain pass with the soldiers.
He crossed it with them.
He marched with them.
He traveled with them.

The soldiers came to a city.
They went to their barracks.

The officer gave the man from the road a uniform.

Reported Speech

He said: “Put this on”.
He told him to put it on.
He asked him to put it on.
He ordered him to put it on.

The man put the uniform on.
He took off his own clothes then he put the uniform on.

His old clothes were torn and dirty.
The uniform was new.

The man walked up and down in the uniform.
The officer looked at the man.

The next day the soldiers left the barracks.
They marched into the mountains.
The man went with them.

He did not pray now.
He sang.
He sang songs.

He sang songs and he talked to the other soldiers.

The soldiers camped in the mountains.
They camped in the mountains.

They hunted for food.
They built a big fire.
They built a big fire and they ate together.

When the man ate, he remembered his prayer.

A war started.

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