The Lives of a Man – the Bottom of the River

There was man beside a river.

He was standing beside a river.

It was a raging torrent.
It was a raging torrent of a river.

He looked

The man looked at the water.

It gushed

It gushed and flowed.

It gushed and flowed and then it was gone and more water came.

An Allegory – A Reference to Hojoki

It made

The water made shapes but it was not the same water for each time he looked at the river, the water which he was looking at gushed by.

He stared

The man stared at it.
He started at it in wonder.

There were

There were shapes and forms, but there was movement.

There was

There was stillness and movement at the the same time.

It was amazing.
It was really amazing.
The man was amazed.

The Arrival of the Ferryman

A man walked along the bank of the river.

He saw the man from the middle of the road.

He invited him to cross the river in his boat.

The two men walked upstream.

They came to a boat.

The ferryman took the boat out into the river then brought it back to shore.

The man from the middle of the road climbed in.

Then the ferryman began to pole the boat across the river.

It was

The river was a raging torrent.
The water was fast.

The ferryman could not get across the river.

The boat began to take on water.

It was swamped.

It sank to the bottom.

The ferryman floated in the raging torrent.
The man from the middle of the road floated in the river for a while, then he sank.

He sank to the bottom.
He sank to the bottom of the river.

His body wedged in between two rocks.

He lay on the bottom of the river with his body wedged in between two rocks and he stared at tendrils of river weed. They moved in the current but it was a little calmer at the bottom. Most of the movement was on the top of the river.

The man looked around. He saw a group of beautiful women.

They were swimming towards him.
They were above him.

The sun illuminated them.
It illuminated their bodies.
It illuminated their hair.
It shone through the water and it illuminated their hair.

The Three Maidens

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