The Lives of a Man – The Fields

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He walked

The man walked through the forest.
He walked out into a clearing.

The Edge of the Forest

There were

There were fields.
There were fields on the edge of the forest.

A House

There was

There was a house near the fields.
There was smoke coming out of the chimney.
There was a woman in the fields.

The Woman

She was

She was working in the fields.
She was wearing a long dress.

Her Scarf

She was wearing a scarf on her head.
She was working.

He looked

The man looked at the house.
He looked at the woman.
He looked at the fields.
He looked back at the house again.

Working in the Fields

She was working

The woman was working.
The woman was working and she did not see the man.

She kept on working

She kept on working.
She kept on working and she did not look up.

The Man’s Curiosity

He looked

The man looked at the fields.
He looked at the soil.
He looked at the earth.


There were

There were vegetables in the fields.

They were

They were green.

He looked

The man looked at them.

He looked at them and he admired them.

What is a good vegetable recipe?

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