The Lives of a Man – The Forest

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He came

The man came to a forest.

He walked through

He walked through the forest.

There were

There were lots of large trees.


The Wind

It blew

The wind blew in the trees.

The Swaying of the Trees

They swayed

The trees swayed in the wind.

The Sun

It went down

The sun went down.

The Cold

It was

It was cold.

He was

The man was cold.

The Man’s Hunger

He was

The man was hungry.

He was cold and hungry.

He was cold and hungry but he kept walking.

He kept on

He kept on walking.

He did not stop

He did not stop.

He kept on going

He just kept on going on and on and on.

The Darkness of The Forest

It was

The forest was dark.

They were

The trees were tall.

It was

The wind was strong.

He stopped

The man stopped.
He stopped walking.

The Large Tree

He stood under a large tree.

The Trunk of the Tree

He leaned

He leaned on the trunk.
He leaned on the trunk of the tree.
He leaned on the trunk of the tree and he took shelter from the wind.

He rested

The man rested.

The Man’s Condition

He was

He was tired.
He was very very tired.
In fact he was exhausted.

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Language Notes – Vocabulary Variations

In English there are many ways to say the same thing or a slight variation of the same thing. English has an immense vocabulary. Look at these variations:

He came to a forest.
He came upon a forest.
He reached a forest.

A Sequence

Look at this sequence:

He waked into the forest
He walked through the forest
He walked out of the forest

Note that a sequence has an order. These actions occur in a sequential order. They occur one after the other in an order. You cannot say.

He walked out of the forest. He walked through the forest.

because it is nonsensical. It does not make sense so it is wrong. It is incorrect.

Synonomy – Phrases that are about the same – Synonomous Phrases

These two phrases are about the same:

He entered the forest.
He walked into the forest.

They are synonyms:

He left the forest.
He walked out of the forest.

A Scale

A scale is a type of sequence. Look at this one:

very tired

We see adjective, adjectival phrase and past participle used as adjective.

A Sequence

This is a verbal sequence:

he started walking
he continued walking
he stopped walking

Note that there are two verbs in each sentence:

start walking
continue walking

We do not say; “He stopped to walk.”

Are there many verbs for “walk” in your language? Give some examples in sentences and explain them in the comments section below.


Look at these roughly synonomous phrases:

he kept walking
he went on walking
he kept on walking

A Scale

he walked
he jogged
he ran
he sprinted

How many words does your language have for “run”?

Tell us about them in the comments section. Show us how they work.

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