The Lives of a Man – The House on the Plains

There was

Far out on the plains, there was a house.

It was

It was a small house.
It was a small farmhouse.

A Man

He lived

A man lived in the house.

He lived there alone.

He did not

He did not live with anybody else.
He did not have a family.

He lived

He lived by himself.

His Life

He was

He was alone.
He was all alone but he was not lonely.
He was all alone but he was not lonely because he loved his life.

His Love

He loved

He loved his life.
He loved the plains.
He loved the sky.
He loved the sunshine.
He loved the warmth of the sunshine.
He loved the wind.
He loved the sound of the wind.
He loved the song of the wind.

His Work

He worked

The man worked in the fields.
He worked in the fields and he grew vegetables.

He grew

He grew vegetables and he grew grain.

His Animals

He had

He had some chickens.

They produced

The chickens produced eggs.

He had

He had a cow.

It produced

The cow produced milk.

He lived

The man lived from the cow and the chickens and the fields.

He was

He was self-sufficient.

His Needs

He did not need

He did not need anybody else.
He did not need anything else.

His Life

He was

He was alone.
He was completely and totally alone.
He was completely and utterly alone.
He was completely and utterly alone but he was not lonely because he loved his life.

He had

He had a simple life.

He loved

He loved his simple life.

It was

It was a good life.
It was a simple life but it was a good life.

He listened

The man listened to the sound of the wind.

The Sun

He felt

The man felt the warmth of the sunshine.

He watched

The man watched the sun go up and he watched the sun go down.
The man watched his crops grow.

He took care of

He took care of his cow and he too care of his chickens.

A Simple Life

He had

He had a simple life.
He had a simple life and he loved his simple life.

It was

It was a good life.
It was a simple life but it was a good life.



Teaching and Learning Activities


1. Go back and skim the text. That means read the words in blue. Write them down. Use them as notes to re-tell the story to your partner.


2. In the text find information about animals. What animals does the man have?

Verb Phrases

3. Look at the verb phrases in black. They give the simple subject and verb of the sentence. Compare the structure to your language. Make a direct translation. point out the differences between your language and this language in terms of expression. How does it solve the problem of communication? Does it solve the problem in a different way to the way that English solves this problem?

In your language, do you call the wind “it”?

Verb Families

4. We have multiple word verbs in English like:

take care of – took care of

the wind blew
the wind blew the house over

Write down all two word verbs and three word verbs in the text.

Is evaluation more important than education?

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