The Lives of a Man – The Kitchen

There was a house in the fields at the edge of the forest.

There was a woman in the house. She was in the kitchen.

She was cooking.
She was preparing food.
She was making food.

There was a man in the house.

Past Continuous Tense

The man was sitting at the table.
He was sitting at the table.

He was watching the woman.
The man was watching the woman.
He was watching her while she cooked.

Past Perfect Tense

The Purple Carrot

Reported Speech

The woman talked about her parents.

The Continuation of the Story

The man stayed in the house with the woman.
He married her.

Are you married?

When were you married?

He married her and he lived together with in the house in the fields on the edge of the forest.
They planted crops together.

The Band of Robbers

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