The Lives of a Man – The Band of Robbers

The Forest

he went

The man went into the forest to hunt.

he walked

He walked into the forest and he laid traps.

he hiked

He hiked up into the high mountaintops.

An Animal

he killed

He killed an animal.

The Fields

he hiked

Then he hiked back to the house in the fields.

A Band of Robbers

they had come

A band of robbers had come.

they had come

A band of robbers had come while he was away.

Past Perfect Tense – Active or Passive

Choose one variation from the two possibilities:

They had killed his wife.
His wife had been killed.

They had raped

They had raped his wife.

She had been raped

His wife had been raped.

They had killed

They had killed his children.

His children had been killed.

They had burned down the house.
The house had been burned down.


he was

The man was devastated.

he broke down

He broke down and cried.

He broke down and cried then he buried his wife and his children.

The Burial

he buried

He buried them and then he walked away.

The Fields

he walked

He walked through the fields.
He walked as if in a dream.
He walked with tears running down his face.
He walked with tears streaming down his face.

The City

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