Present Perfect Passive

The present perfect tense is the tense of completion. It represents completion.

I have done it.
I have finished it.
I have completed it.

It has been completed.

Passive Voice in Present Perfect Tense

I have completed it.
It has been completed by me.

I have washed it.
It has been washed by me.

The Washing of the Carrot

Note the two forms:

The bridge has been completed.

They have completed the bridge.

The active voice emphasises that “they” have completed the bridge.
The passive voice emphasises that the bridge has been completed but it is not mentioned by whom.

Look at this purple carrot:

Has it been washed?

Is it safe to eat?
Is it safe to eat it?
Is it dirty?
Are there germs on it?
Is there bacteria on it?

Present Perfect tense and Past Simple tense.

Past Simple Tense
is used to show steps in a narrative as the story progresses.

Present Perfect tense
takes the story outside the normal narrative and emphasises completion or result with its present consequences. It is like a headline in a newspaper which draws our attention to the completion of this important event.

The bridge has been completed.
(We can now drive across it and go to the city on the other side.

Has this carrot been washed?

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