The Lives of a Man – The Storm’s Destruction

It stopped

In the morning, the rain stopped and the wind stopped.

The Sun

It came out

The sun came out.

It shone

It shone down on the man.
It shone down on the man and it shone on the dead cow and the dead chickens.
It shone on the collapsed house and the collapsed barn and the collapsed chicken coop.

Fear and Sadness

He was not

The man was not afraid now.
He was not afraid but he was sad.

The Destruction

He looked at

He looked at the dead cow.
He looked at the collapsed barn.
He looked at the dead chickens.
He looked at the collapsed chicken coop.

Link to Past Participle Notes

He was

He was sad.
He was very very sad.

The Man’s Departure

He put on

The man put on his coat and he started to walk.

He walked away

He walked away from the collapsed house.
He walked away from the collapsed house and the collapsed barn and the dead cow and the collapsed chicken coop and the dead chickens. He walked away.

The man walked for a long time.
He walked for a long time across the plains.
He walked for a long time across the plains but he did not see anybody.

He did not see

He did not see a soul.
He did not see a single soul.
He saw nobody.

His Thoughts

He thought

The man thought about his house.
He thought about his barn.
He thought about his cow.
He thought about his chicken coop.
He thought about his chickens.


It was

The cow was dead.

They were

The chickens were dead.


He was

The man was alone.
He was alone and he was sad and lonely.


He continued to walk

He continued to walk.

He walked

He walked on and on and on.

Link to The Mountains

Notes – Verbs in Past Simple Tense

stop – stopped

come out – came out

shine – shone

think – thought

look – looked

Adjectives in Past Simple Tense

is afraid – was afraid

is frightened – was frightened

is scared – was scared

is terrified – was terrified

Link to past participle notes

Notes – Time Phrases


Notes – A Sequence

it stopped
it started

Notes – Adjective with “ed”

the collapsed house
the collapsed barn
the collapsed chicken coop

Notes – Sequences

he put on his coat
he took off his coat

he started walking
he stopped walking

Notes – Opposites

a dead cow – a live cow

some dead chickens – some live chickens

Notes- Phrasal Verbs

Look at these phrasal verbs:

he walked in
he walked out
he walked up
he walked down
he walked over
he walked under
he walked along
he walked through
he walked towards
he walked away from
he walked next to
he walked with
he walked for
he walked against
he walked until

Do not learn this list. Learn the phrasal verbs in context by reading the story. Do not learn lists of words. Learn phrases. Learn words in context.

Link to : A Story with Phrasal Verbs

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