The Story of the Red Shoes

Most people wear shoes. Are you wearing shoes right now? Some people wear leather shoes. Are you wearing leather shoes at the moment? Some people wear plastic shoes. What kind of shoes are you wearing?

Some people wear shoes in the house. Some people don’t wear shoes in the house. Do you wear shoes in the house? Do most people wear shoes in the house in your country?

Some people do not have shoes. Some people go barefoot. Do you go barefoot on the beach? Some people cannot afford shoes. Are shoes expensive in your country?

I am going to tell you a story. I am going to tell you a story about shoes. How many pairs of shoes do you have? This is a story about a homeless girl. Are there homeless people in your city? This girl did not have any shoes. She lived in the street. She was a street girl. She played in the street with the other street children. Do children play in the street in your city?

The girl did not go to school. She was very poor. Do all children go to school in your city?

One day the girl was playing with her friends. They were playing with a ball. They were playing soccer. Do you say “soccer” or “football” in your country? Do you play soccer?

There were about ten children. They were playing soccer. They were playing in the street. There was a big shoe shop on the corner of the street. Is there a shoe shop near your house? The shoe shop had glass windows. It had glass windows at the front. Does your house have glass windows?

The children kicked the football. One of them kicked it to another one. What colour was the football? The ball bounced. It bounced high. It bounced higher. It bounced higher and higher and higher.

The ball came down. It went up and it came down. It came down near the window. It came down near the window but it did not break the window. It bounced near the window but it did not break it. Have you ever broken a window?

The little girl looked in the window. She looked at a pair of shoes in the window. They were red shoes. They were beautiful shoes. They were beautiful red shoes. Do you own a pair of red shoes?

The little girl wanted the shoes. They were beautiful shoes. They were so beautiful. They were such beautiful shoes. She wanted them. She really wanted them. Do you need a new pair of shoes?

The Broken Window

A boy in the street kicked a football. Do you play football? The football flew high up through the air and then it fell down again. It bounced. It bounced against the wall. Was it a brick wall?

Another boy kicked the ball. It flew high into the air again. It bounced again. Then it hit a window. The window broke. Have you ever broken a window?

There was a whole lot of shoes in the front window. They were for sale. They were all expensive. They were very expensive. Are things expensive at your local store?

One pair of shoes was red. They were little girl’s shoes. They were very pretty. Do you own any pretty shoes?

A little girl looked at the shoes. She did not have any shoes. A little boy saw her. He saw her looking at the shoes. He felt sorry for her. She did not have any shoes. She wanted the shoes in the window. He walked over to the window. He put his hand in. Did he have dirty hands?

He took the red shoes. He put them on the ground. The little girl looked at him. He looked at her. The little girl put the shoes on. They fit perfectly. Do your shoes fit perfectly?

There was a shopkeeper in the shop. The shopkeeper came out of the shop. He saw the broken window. He saw the broken glass. He saw the children. He saw the football. He saw the little girl. He saw the shoes. He saw the red shoes. He called out. What did he say?

The children ran away. The little boy ran away. The little girl in the red shoes ran away. They all ran away. Are you a fast runner?

The shopkeeper went back inside. He called the window repair shop. He arranged to have the window fixed. Imagine the shoe shop shopkeeper calling the window repair shop about the broken window. Roleplay the conversation.

The children ran to the park. One boy carried the ball. The little girl wore her new shoes. Everybody looked at her. Everybody admired her. How many children were there?

The little girl looked at her new shoes. They were beautiful. She walked up and down in the new shoes. The little boy watched her. The little boy loved her. The other children watched her. They liked her very much. The little girl was happy. She was poor but she was happy. Are you happy?

The little girl kept the shoes. She did not lose them. She grew bigger. The shoes did not fit. They did not fit but she did not throw them away. She kept therm. She kept them forever. Do you have something that you want to keep forever?


The Rebel Soldier

There were a lot of street children in the city. They lived in the park. Is there a park near your house? The children stole things. Do you steal things? The children were dirty. Is your room clean? How often do you clean it?

The police came. Are you a police officer? The police chased the children away. Some of the children went to another part of the city. Some of the children went to an orphanage. Did you grow up in an orphanage?

One of the children was a little boy. He did not go to the orphanage. He ran away to another part of the city. There was a little girl. She was with him. They went to see the boy’s uncle. How many uncles do you have?

The uncle lived in another part of the city. He lived in a cardboard shack. He lived beside the railway line. Do you like trains? He worked at the rubbish dump. He collected rubbish. He collected it and he sorted it and he sold it. Is recycling important?

The little boy and the little girl stayed at the uncle’s shack for one night. He gave them noodles. Do you eat instant noodles? If you eat instant noodles, do you add fresh vegetables?

The uncle introduced the little boy to another man. He was a soldier. He was a rebel soldier. He was fighting the government. He lived in the mountains. Do you live in the mountains?

The next day the little boy and the little girl went to the mountains with the soldier. Are there rebel soldiers in your country?

The soldier did not wear a uniform. He was a rebel. He did not fight in uniform. He wore normal clothes. Do you like the government?

The soldier took the little boy and the little girl to the mountains. There were many soldiers in the mountains. They lived in a secret village. Did you grow up in a village?

The little boy and the little girl met many people. They met a teacher. They learned to read and write. The boy learned to shoot a gun. Can you shoot a gun? The girl learned to cook. Are you able to cook?

The little girl grew bigger. She grew taller. Her feet grew bigger. She had a pair of shoes but they did not fit. She kept the shoes. She did not give them away. She kept them. She wanted to keep them forever. Do you keep old shoes?

The little boy grew bigger too. He grew up. He became a soldier. The little girl grew up. She became a teacher. The rebel soldiers fought the government. Sometimes they killed the soldiers. The little girl learned to be a nurse. She learned to be a teacher and a nurse. Would you like to be a nurse?

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