Understanding Grammar

Understanding grammar is important. The key to understanding grammar is words.

You have to understand the function of words.

You have to understand the function of each word.

Grammar Words

In grammar, words have names. These names are called “parts of speech”.

Parts of speech are grammar words.

Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are the main parts of speech but there are also prepositions, pronouns and articles. Let’s look at the parts of speech:


Nouns and articles go together. For example:

The car is blue.

“The” is an article and “car” is a noun.


Each verb has a tense:

He lives in Pakistan.

“Lives” is a verb.


Adjectives and nouns go together.

He has a big house.

“Big” is an adjective and “house” is a noun.


Verbs and adverbs go together. Adverbs tell how, when, where or why. For example:

We walked quickly.

“Walked” is a verb. “Quickly” is an adverb.


A pronoun is a word like I, he, she, it, they , we. It stands instead of a noun.

I gave it to him.

“I” is a pronoun. “It” is a pronoun. “Him” is a pronoun.


Prepositions are small words like “in”, “on”, “to”, “from”, “with”, “at”.

I want to learn English.

“To” is a preposition.

Connecting Words

Connecting words, or conjunctions, are words like “and”, “but”, “so”, “because” and “when” and “while”. We use them to join sentences.

I live in Japan but I am Australian.

“But” is a conjunction.

More Notes on Grammar

If you want more notes on parts of speech and grammar in general, follow the links at the bottom of the page.

if you are confused or have a grammar question, you can ask a question and post it in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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