Boiled Water is water which has been Boiled.

Boiled water is water which has been boiled.

is a good example of:

a past participle which is used as an adjective.

Past Participles

Past participles have several uses.

There are three important uses below:

Present Perfect Tense

Look at these three examples of present perfect tense:

Have you ever dug a hole?
Have you ever lit a fire?
Have you ever camped outside?

Click on the questions and follow the links to learn more vocabulary and grammar.

Passive Voice

Passive Voice is a complex area of grammar because each tense has a passive form.

To form the passive we use “be verb” plus “past participle“.

Future Passive

The first one is future “will” passive:

He will be given a copy of the plan.

Present Passive

The next one is present tense in passive voice:

He is employed by a building company.

Past Passive

This one is past simple passive.

He was born in Sydney.

Present Perfect Passive

The last one is present perfect passive:

He has been asked to build a house.

Past Participle as Adjective

We can use the past participle as an adjective. Look at these examples:

Boiled Water

boiled water

Boiled water is water which has been boiled.

Do you drink water from the tap or boil it first?

Fried Eggs

fried egg
fried eggs

Fried egg is egg which has been fried.

You could also say:

Fried eggs are eggs which have been fried. Egg” can be seen as a non-count mass of material or you can count individual eggs, so there are two ways to express this idea.

How do you eat your eggs, friend, boiled, scrambled?

Baked Potatoes

baked potato

Baked potato is a mass of potato which has been baked.

baked potatoes

Baked potatoes are individual potatoes which have been baked.

Do you prefer potatoes or rice?

Fried Potatoes

fried potatoes

Fried potatoes are potatoes which have been fried.

Fried potatoes are called “French Fries” in America and “chips” in Britain and Australia.

What do you call them?

Do you eat them?

Dried Tomatoes

dried tomatoes

Dried tomatoes are tomatoes which have been dried.

Some dishes require dried tomatoes but some dishes require fresh tomatoes.

Do you ever use canned tomatoes?

Unwashed Clothes

unwashed clothes

Unwashed clothes are clothes which have not been washed.

How often do you wash your clothes?

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Do you drink water straight from the tap or boil it first?

Past Participles

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