Have you ever Built a Fire?

We say:

Have you ever built a fire?

but we also say:

Have you ever made a fire?


Have you ever lit a fire?

Verbs and Past Participles

build – built

make – made

light – lit


If you want to build a fire, first you have to find a safe place. Then you gather kindling. Kindling is dry grass, paper or sticks.

Then you get larger sticks. Finally you add big sticks. It is important to grade your kindling. First you light the kindling. Then the larger sticks will catch fire. Finally the big sticks will start to burn.

List of Verbs

Look at the list of verbs:

start to burn

Note that the first five verbs are transitive (with an object) and the next two are intransitive (no object is needed).

Different Meanings of “fire”

The word “fire” has different meanings:


Have you ever lit a fire?


Have you ever fired a gun?

Fire is an Element

Fire is an element in the classical western system of metaphysics:

Fire – Air – Water – Earth

It is also one of the five elements in the classical Chinese system:

Earth – Metal – Wood – Water- Fire

at Irp

Listening Practice

Listen to an Indian swami talk about the classical elements. Remember you do not have to understand everything. Just listen to the conversation and concentrate on the things that you do understand. This is good listening practice.
A Conversation about elements with an Indian swami


In astrology there are four elements and each star sign is one of them.

The fire signs are:

aries – leo- sagitarius

What is your star-sign?


What do you think about astrology?

Vocabulary of Fire

Fire consists of flames and usually smoke.The two usually go together. In English we say:

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

After a fire has gone out or been put out, there are ashes.

You can say:

There is ash.


There are ashes.

The noun “ash” can form a count plural “ashes” or a non-count plural “ash”.

Verbs in Present Perfect Passive

These two are the same:

The fire has been put out.
The fire has been extinguished.

Verbs to describe Fire:


The fire starts.
The fire is starting.

The fire burns.
The fire is burning.

The fire goes out.
The fire is going out.

Sight and Smell

The fire smokes.
The fire is smoking.


The fire crackles.
The fire is crackling.

Feeling – Sensation

The fire warms.
The fire is warming.

Fire is mysterious and beautiful. Have you ever thought about the question below?

Is Fire Intelligent?

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