Have you ever sewed a button on a shirt?

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Have you ever sewed a button on a shirt?


Have you ever used a needle and cotton to attach a button to a shirt?

Present Perfect Tense

This question is in present perfect tense.

Here are some more lessons which illustrate present perfect tense:

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Sewing is an activity.

Can you sew?

Sewing is the activity of attaching cloth with thread.

Cloth and Clothes and Clothing

Cloth is the woven fabric that we use to make things.


Cloth is usually woven from cotton or wool or polyester or other fibre.

Some fibres are natural and some fibres are man-made.


Clothes are what we wear.

Clothes usually consist of trousers, a shirt and socks and underwear, for men.

Women might wear a dress or they might wear trousers. It depends on the culture and it depends on the situation.

When we pronounce the word “clothes” quickly”, it sounds like “close” as in “close the door”.


“Clothing” is a non-count noun which means “clothes”.

We say “clothes” in informal conversation but in legal, academic or business situations, the word “clothing” can replace “clothes”.

In a shop we might hear of “women’s clothing” or “men”s clothing” or “children’s clothing”.

But we also hear:

Ladies’ Wear


We “wear” clothes but “wear” becomes a noun in “menswear”.

In a police investigation we might hear “clothing” rather than “clothes”.


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Needle and Thread

You use a needle and thread to sew on a button.

dress shop

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