Have you ever been Camping?

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Camping is a popular hobby or holiday alternative for many people because it is usually cheap and it is a good way to connect with nature and the basics of life.

When you go camping you have to take care of your own shelter and food. Probably you also have to build a fire.

Have you ever built a fire?

The Grammar of Camping

Notice that we say:

Have you been camping?


I went camping.

They are different verbs. One is formed from “to be” and one is formed from “to go”.

Going and Being – To Go and to Be

Have you been … ?


Have you gone … ?

are different.

He has gone camping.


He went but he has not come back.

He has been camping


He went and he returned.

Phrasal Verb

to camp out

Have you ever camped out?

Verb Phrases

make camp

Let’s make camp.

find a campsite

Let’s find a campsite before dark.
Let’s find a campsite before it gets dark.

Noun Phrase

camping ground

Do you want to camp in the forest or at the camping ground?

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