The Five Senses are the Foundation of Empirical Science

Empirical Science or “the scientific method” is the idea that we can learn things from our own observation rather than believing what other people, or books tell us.

The Five Senses

We use our five senses to observe the external world and get information about it from our perceptions. The vocabulary of perception or the vocabulary of the five senses can be broken up into five main verbs which correspond to the five senses. Look at these verbs:

It looks big.
It looks like a plane.
It sounds loud.
It sounds like heavy metal.
It feels soft.
It feels like wool.
It smells strong.
It smells like ammonia.
It tastes sweet.
It tastes like sugar.

The Grammar of Perception

We use the five verbs above to describe our perceptions but did you notice that they take different objects? Sometimes the verb is followed by an adjective but sometimes it is followed by a phrase which consists of “like plus noun”.

Go Back and Look again

Go back and look again. Can you see the difference between the pattern with “like plus noun” and the other pattern with “verb plus adjective”?

A Common Mistake

Learners of English often make the mistake of saying: “It looks like Japanese”. Japanese is an adjective so the correct way to say this is:

It looks Japanese.

Let’s look at some more examples:

Verb plus Adjective

He looks Chinese.
She looks tired.
He looks sick.

Verb plus like plus Noun

He looks like a gang member.
He looks like a drug addict.
He looks like a police officer.

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