I have been watching you

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I have been watching you.

could mean

I have been keeping an eye on you.

or it might mean:

I have been spying on you.
(I have had you under surveillance.)

Context is Vital

It depends on the context.

Taking Care of Someone or Spying on them

1.Taking Care

Keeping an eye on somebody


watching out for somebody’s welfare.

It means you are watching a person because you care about them or are worried about them.

2. Spying

Spying on somebody is less benign. It could mean you mean that person harm but at least it means that you do not trust that person. Basically it means that you have been watching that person secretly.

Slipping Away

In the song “slipping away” Max Merrit sings the line:

Baby, I been watchin’ you.

which is an abbreviation of:

Baby, I have been watching you.

In this case the song is a love song about a feeling which is slipping away. The singer has been watching his lover and perhaps worrying about her and trying to understand what happened.


When you listen you don’t have to understand everything. Watch the video and listen for the line:

I have been watching you.

In the Hall and Oates song “Private Eye” there is a different nuance.


Surveillance is a feature of modern life.

A private eye is a private detective who watches a person to gather information. This is not usually for that person’s welfare. It usually because the person who hired the private eye does not trust the person who is being watched.

Listen for the phrase:

I have been watching you.

Listening Technique

When you listen you do not have to understand everything. Some people listen to a text or read a text and lose motivation because they do not understand one hundred percent. You do not have to understand one hundred per cent. Improving listening skill (and reading skill) is a step by step process. You should focus on what you do understand. You should not focus on what you do not understand.

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