Is there room for a Desk in your Room?

Is there room for a desk ?


Is there enough room for a desk?


Is there enough space for a desk?

Two Meanings of “room”

Note that the word “room” has two distinct meanings and the two meanings have different grammar.

One is a count noun and the other one is a non-count noun.

Room means Space

Do you have enough room?

I can move over if you need more room.

On the Plane

On the plane we talk about legroom.

Do you have enough leg room?


Do you have enough room for your legs?


Do you have long legs?

Word Family

Adjective – spacious

“Spacious” means “roomy” or “large”.

You could say:

His apartment is quite big.

His apartment is quite large.

His apartment is quite spacious.

His apartment is quite roomy.

We don’t say “his room is roomy” because it is clumsy. We say:

His room is spacious.

Noun – space

“Space” can mean “room” as in:

Do you have enough space for a bookshelf in your bedroom?

but it can also mean the area beyond the earth as in:

Space travel is now possible.

Men have flown in space.

Neil Armstrong traveled through space and landed on the moon.

Some people say the journey was faked because in the photo the American flag was moving but there is no wind on the moon.


Is there wind on the moon?
Is space a vacuum?
Do you believe that the Americans landed on the moon in 1969?

Phrasal Verb – space out

– What are you doing?
– I am not doing anything. I am just spacing out.

Spacing out means relaxing and not doing anything or thinking about anything in particular.

Past Participle as Adjective – spaced out

– He looks really spaced out.
– Yeah. He looks like he is on something.
– Yeah. I think he takes drugs.
– What kind?
– I don’t know.


– Do you have enough room?
– No, can you move over a bit?
– Sure.

Common Collocations

living room
room for rent


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