Vocabulary is the Key

The key to understanding English is vocabulary The key to understanding any language is vocabulary.

Vocabulary and Words

Vocabulary means words. We have to learn a lot of words. It is necessary to learn words.

How can we do it?

Vocabulary in Context

We learn words in context. That means we learn words in situations.


Groups of words are called phrases. We learn words in phrases. That means we learn words in groups.

We learn individual words. We learn single words. It is good to learn individual words but it is better to learn phrases.


Different phrases are used in different situations. It is better to learn words and phrases in context.

round head in a square hat
at omnos


It helps you remember if you learn words in real situations. It helps you to remember if you learn vocabulary in context.

Much of Meaning is in context.

Do you have a good memory?

The Vocabulary of Grammar

Grammar has it’s own vocabulary. You have to learn grammar words like, noun, verb, adjective.
Link to the Verb Page

Learn all about verbs at this link: Verbs

Grammar and Patterns

There are patterns in grammar. These patterns are made of words and phrases. Learn phrases. Look at the patterns:

Have you been to America?
Have you had dinner?
Have you voted?
Have you seen “Thin Red Line”?

Key is a Metaphor

A key is a small thing which we use to open a door. It is important. We need it to open the door. We need it to enter a locked room.

When we say “vocabulary is the key“, we do not mean it is really a key. “Key” is a metaphor. That means it is like a key because it opens a door. It opens the door to knowledge. It opens the door to opportunity.

You can read more about metaphors at this link: Figurative Language

Links to Vocabulary Lessons

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Much of Meaning is in context.

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Running your own business is a Juggling Act

Life is Beautiful

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Have you Heard the News?
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Change is the Only Constant
It takes a long time to settle in

Power Words

Some words are incredibly powerful. They are powerful because they have many meanings. They have many meanings and they are very common.

If you learn to use power words like “beat”, “cell” and “key”, you will increase your power to communicate and you will improve your ability to understand. Link to lessons about power words:

Power Words – Beat
Power Words – Cell

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