The Mining Industry has contributed a lot to the Economy

The mining industry has contributed a lot to the economy


The activity of mining has earned a lot of money


Mining has made a lot of money.

Word Family – mine

Look at the word family of the word “mine”:

Noun – person – miner

A miner is a person who works in a mine.

A mine is generally underground so we often say:

A miner is a person who works down a mine.

Noun – place – mine

A mine is a place where minerals are mined.


A mine is a place where minerals (usually metal) are extracted from the ground.


Have you ever worked in a mine?

Do you know anybody who has worked in a line?

Are there mines in your country?

Noun – activity – mining

Mining is an important industry, but unfortunately it causes a lot of pollution.

Verb – to mine

They mine copper, silver, lead and zinc in Mt Isa.

Copper, silver, lead and zinc are mined in Mt Isa.

Note that the first sentence is active voice “they mine” and the second one is passive voice: “are mined”.

Read more about passive voice at this link: Passive Voice

Passive Voice

Compare these:

Copper is mined.

Silver is mined.

Copper and silver are mined.

Pronouns – Ownership

“Mine” can also be a pronoun. Look at these examples:

That is not yours. It is mine!

Table of Pronouns

Look at this table:

I – It is mine.
You – It is yours.
He – It is his.
She – It is hers.
We – It is ours.
They – It is theirs.


Landmines are bombs which are planted in the ground to kill people or vehicles who pass over them.

He stepped on a mine and it blew his leg off.

He stepped on a mine and his leg was blown off.

An area where mines have been laid is called a “minefield”.

Minefield – metaphor

We often use the term “minefield” as a metaphor to describe a difficult or controversial topic or area.

I don’t want to deal with the problem of same sex marriage. It is a minefield.

A Field is an Area.

The Shipping Industry

During wartime, mines are a hazard for the shipping industry. At sea, mines are floating bombs, which blow ships up.

Industry Word Family

We have talked about the mining industry and we have also talked about the shipping industry.

Have you ever worked in the mining industry?

Have you ever worked in the shipping industry?

Tell us about it in the comments section below.

Let’s look at the word family of the word “industry”:

Noun -industry

“Industry” is a concrete noun here:

Silicon Valley is a major hub for the IT industry.

and it is an abstract noun here:

His diligence and industry assured him success.

Adjective – industrial

In some cities in Asia there is no clear-cut boundary between industrial zones and residential zones.

In industrial areas the noise is sometimes disruptive for people who live nearby.

The Industrial Revolution changed the world.

Historical Note: The Industrial revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes in Europe between 1760 and 1840.

Adjective – industrious

“Industrious” means “hardworking” or “diligent”.

Some of the students in the class are not very industrious and their results in the test reflected this.

Verb – industrialise

After western intervention in the middle 1800s, Japan set out to industrialise its economy and compete with the west.

Noun -industrialisation

The industrialisation of English cities created economic benefits for some but it also created squalid living conditions for many.

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