Advertising is a Powerful Force

Look at these words:


“Advertisement” is a count noun so we use an article:

He placed an advertisement in the newspaper.

However, “advertising” is a non-count noun so we say:

They were talking about advertising and its effect on people’s minds.

The Power of Advertising

There is no doubt that advertising is a powerful force. Producers and retailers use advertising to spread information about their products to consumers.

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Advertising for Children

Psychology graduates study child psychology and identify weaknesses and insecurities in children. The psychologists then sell this information to advertising companies. The advertising companies use the information to target children.

Do you think advertising that targets children should be banned?

Tell us your opinion in the comments section below.

The Advertising of Socially Harmful Products

Look at these products:

High-Interest Loans
Junk Food and Sugary Drinks

Do you think the advertising of any of these products should be banned?

The Effect of Advertising on Body Image

Look at these three phrases:

The effect of advertising on body image is profound.
The effect of this advertisement on sales was marked.
The effect of advertisements on viewers is important.

Some people complain about body image in advertisements. They say that models are too thin. They criticise advertising companies for targeting people’s insecurities.
Link to audio of a conversation about body image

What do you think?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Word Family

advertise (verb)
ad – advert – advertisement (count noun)
advertising (non-count noun)
advertisers (count noun)
advertising companies (compound noun)
advertising agencies (compound noun)

Verb – Advice to a Start-up Company

If you don’t advertise you will not gain market share.

Noun – Telling the director that you Placed an Ad

We placed an ad in the paper.
We put an advert in the newspaper.
We stuck an advertisement in the local rag.

These three sentences (above) have the same meaning. The register is different. The bottom one is very informal. “Local rag” means “local newspaper“.

Non-count Noun – Topic

Advertising is a powerful force.
Advertising should be strictly controlled.
Advertising allows large companies to swamp small companies.
Advertising is necessary in the world of business.

Noun – Plural – A Warning

Advertisers will remove their advertisements from the paper if we report negatively on their business practices.

Compound Noun

Advertising companies control the market.

Another Compound Noun

Advertising agencies employ some of the brightest and most creative people in society.

“Target” and “Aim” as Metaphors

When advertisers talk about advertisements they use the terminology of guns as a metaphor:

“Target” as Verb

Advertisers target children.

“Target” as Noun

Children are the target of many advertisements.

“Aim” as Verb

These advertisements are aimed at children.

The verb in this sentence is in passive voice.

“Aim” as Noun

The aim of advertisers is basically to convince consumers to buy the products that they are advertising.

Link to the Metaphor Page

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Do you think the advertising of junk food should be banned?

Do you think the advertising of high interests loans should be banned?

Do you think tobacco advertisements should be prohibited?

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